Organizing Principles of Laroma

Much of Laroma is untamed and unexplored.

The world as a whole remains vastly inhabited with large amounts of it being uninhabited, either due to the land being too harsh or the fact that the population has yet to have need to expand into those territories. There is much undiscovered and unknown about the wilds that surround the spots of civilization, particularly within large continents.

Laroma is an ancient world which mortals have only recently been able to truly establish themselves within.

There are only a few ancient kingdoms that exist within the world. Mortals of all races have only been able to truly make a mark upon the world's history within the past millennia. Before then, the gods and magic itself wandered across the world, shaping and bending it to their will or through chaotic nature.

Conflict shapes the world.

Throughout the history of the world, conflict has been the catalyst for change and alteration of the world. In the beginning, sources of magic clashed and fought against each other for space and existence on the world, shaping it into being and even birthing the gods themselves. Then, the gods, wielding the powers of their birth, began to fight and compete against each other. Creating and embellishing upon the world and trying to outshine each other through the creation of mortals and creatures. Now, mortals step into the role of shaping the world through battles and exchanges of power that continue to mold the world itself.

The Primordial Network and its Streams lace the worlds and its inhabitants with magic.

It is firmly believed that everything in existence has some connection to the Primordial Streams that make up the Primordial Network that crisscrosses through and across the planet. Theses streams spread, cross, and intersect in ways that imbue the land and those who live on it with certain powers. However, these streams are not easily accessed and dangerous to interact with directly.

Those with more magic typically wield more power.

Those with the natural ability or learned knowledge to access and wield magic rise to positions of power within most societies. Believed to be more connected or knowledgeable of the gods and the forces that make up the world itself, people revere, sometimes fear, them. In most cultures, the ability to use magic gains one power within society in some form but does not guarantee them it.

Monsters are common and plague smaller civilizations. However, they remain unorganized as a whole.

Towns and villages often have to stave off the presence of monsters and other creatures that would take advantage of the resources that mortals accumulate. Inhabitants of more secluded or isolated places often become accustomed to the normalcy of fighting of bolder, often less wise, creatures that dare to enter their territory to the point a goblin attack nearly becomes a common occurrence, though no less dangerous.


Organizing Principles of Laroma

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